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From 1971  to 2009

R&D, Test, Development and World Wide Sales of Activated Carbon Units

10 Store Hospital

Kellogg's Bremen first  major expansion, with puffing tower, cooker and mills 

Effem Dog food, various Process plants and Brabant Extruder, Special Steel Alloy for Cutter Knives

Jacobs Coffee Plant, Cryogenic Dryer, Vacuum Dryer with DN 800 Hydraulic Valves with hydraulic synchronization control

BAT, Berlin, Chemical Process

As MD Establishing a new branch office of Kaefer Insulation Pty.Ltd. in Johannisburg, South Africa ,  Mega Contracts: Sasol II , South Africa,  10 Mill $ Contract of Flour  Inc. , Irvine, CA, USA. Finished in Time and best Quality.

As Head of Sales HQ Kaefer Bremen,  Sold a Mineral Wool Stitching Machine for Taiyuan, China 

As MD, Establishing a new daughter company for Lürssen Ship Yard called Lürssen Logistics.  Spare Parts Supply for German and Overseas Marines. Training for the whole crew of Fast Boats and Mine Sweeper 

!989  to 1995

Planning, CAD Lay Out, Interactive Tendering, Supervision of Hansano Dairy Plant in Upahl, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Europe largest dairy plant, over 2 Mill l/d 

1996 to 1997

Planning, CAD lay Out, Tendering  and Supervision of Pickenpack,  Fish Plant

Planning, CAD lay out, Tendering and Supervision of Geti Vilba,  Meet Plant


Test Installation of Car License Plate OCR System at Hamburg Airport Car Parking House. Analog to Digital   plate recognition and also the car brand.  Anti theft system. No Tickets required. 

Wastewater Treatment Plant, chemical and biological

1999- 2000

Planning, CAD Lay Out, Tendering and Supervision of Oase im Weserpark, Sauna, Wellness and Fitness. First ever LPG Steam Generator for 3 large Steam Sauna's, creating a  permanent healthy mist atmosphere of 63° C and fresh air. 

LNG Engineering , Bayer AG in China,


Groundwater Purification Unit - Stripping colon - New development of Activated Carbon Recycling Unit, new development of DN 400 Elbow Valve Stainless Steel AISI 316, New development of "Liebig" Heat Exchanger ( Pipe in Pipe System), very effective and high performance AISI 316  


Planning of Multicolor Printing Plant, CO2 and Sprinkler, Thermal Oxidization, AC 

Planning of Robot lacquering spray plant.

2003 - 2010

New development of ultra light building material, Honey comp paper wall, fire protected.

New development  of a Deep Sea Container Terminal with Robot Transport Automation. Multi Trolley Cranes. Total German Integrated Crane System,  3 times faster than all known systems.  Double sided cranes,  on  port  and star board of super max container vessel ( > 10.000 TEU )  

2007 to 20010

The development of  88 High Society Condominiums in a three building private complex with energy saving by proper building insulation and Groundwater pre cooling HVAC System, underground Garage, two pools, fitness, Sauna and an Ocean Marina at Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

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