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Breaking News:,   19.8.2009 up to 2010

 Some interesting news:

Myself and my Company  have been totally financially damaged in 2003 by a horrible business economical fraud case. Which was caused by S.W. (an ex business partner of my ex daughter company called "Ámeck "). He l did lock me out as CEO and MD of both companies. This was criminal and  unlawful and he also confiscated my total office equipment, again also criminal and unlawful. Only with a High Court decision (after two years !) I could get it partly back, because he has stolen important equipment, files, books and tools. But although I got an execution order, he still is holding my equipment about  >30,000.-€ elsewhere hidden. In addition he accessed all my HDD's of 4 CAD- PC and did crack all password protections. Although the State Prosecutor was pursuing it   ( in accordance with our StGB, Criminal Act, § 202a, 263a, 268, 270, 303a,303b, 305a) they failed to claim it !? Now unbelievable, in the State of Bremen, we have no Data Protection, no Theft Protection at all !!! The actual claim value is now 1,5 Mio € !! and it is rising every day.

The sad story goes on, in August 2008 the Law Office Dr. Schackow & Partner signed the mandate to sue the guy. After 12 month they achieved nothing and  were even mislead to Phantom Company and Addresses ( again unlawful ) of this above mentioned tricky guy.  The Court cases are continuing as well as Criminal State Prosecution. Please, cross fingers that I will get my money back.  

Some , so called, funny News in addition

The obove mentioned fraud guy seems to be a technical fool. He did design a Spray Cabinet Ventilation and missed out the right circulation Air volume. Now believe it or not: he failed with the right Fan pressure and power as well as  the air volume and then tried to solve it by adding compressed air into the  air duct !!!? The result: A huge claim against him and he had to dismantle his total installation. It does not help me, but is does show what kind of guy he is.

  Now the Good news

I did receive on the 3rd of January 2007, the first order of this year. Building a furniture delacquring turn key plant.

A new Order from April 2007 until December 2008, the 3 building complex of  88 High Society Condominiums and a Marina, Nassau, Bahamas

Since then we continued our research and development of The Robotic  Deep Sea Container Terminal with the advantage  of no land reclamation, no Environmental Impact, double Berth capacity and 50% faster loading cycle.

Deep Sea Port Projects in Turkey, Brazil, Nigeria, 

To restart my 20 years successful operating company, I am looking for Business Angel in order to support my new developments:

  1. Robotic Deep Sea Container Terminal, no land reclamation or sea filling/50% less loading time !

  2. New Window Glass with a five times better insulation (U) value, 0.2 W/m2K !

  3. Fuel Cell without Hydrogen or  Methane, it does require only oxygen for  the use in Mobile Phones, Notebooks and Military Vehicle , Submarines and  Boats.     

  4. Robotic internet security. No more attacks from virus, spy or worms

  5. Ultra light Building for Earthquake area, Slums, emergency. Schools, Hospital.

  6. Software to secure immaterial properties.

  7. Robotic Airborne urban surveillances by day and night

  8. Robotic facility maintenance

  9. Secure nuclear waste dumping

  10. Conversion of CO2, revolutionize oxidation processes

  11. Mega Wellness Center technologies

  12. Many further new technologies to be ready for the world  market 

In the last 2,5 years I have developed a new Robotic Deep Sea Container Terminal.  This terminal allows to cope with Ship's of the new Super Max Class. Carrying more than 10,000 TEU. My System allows 24 hour loading cycle. No classic Cranes are required. Robotic terminal Transport with 30km/hr Speed. No need of any coast line. In less than 2 years ready for operation. Costs less than 300Mill US $. Capacity of berth for 8 Ship's. Length of Quay 2000m.  


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